Trainings and consulting for hotel and catering industry

Thanks to our services your business will provide Service Excellence.

Finding qualified staff is a universal problem of Polish hoteliers and restaurateurs. Our trainings and consulting are tailored to individual needs, goals and expectations of our Clients. After conducting our own audit or cognitive briefing (quick scan™), we prepare a series of trainings so that your business could thrive and take the lead in providing Service Excellence.

For the hospitality area we train and consult:        For the catering area we train and consult:

Owners of hotel facilities                                            Managers
General Managers                                                        Marketing Specialists
Operational Managers                                                 Chefs
Sales Managers                                                             Cooks and kitchen assistants
Finance Managers                                                        Waiters and bartenders
Marketing Specialists
Reception Managers
Event Managers
Floor Service Managers
F&B Managers
Guest Relations Manager
Waiters and bartenders
Cooks and kitchen assistants