Hotel Concept

Hotel consulting from hoteliers to hoteliers.

Hotel concept was created due to rapidly growing hotel sector and in response to huge market demand in Poland for hotel owners, investors and managers who strive to establish a hotel business or reorganize the existing one, which does not bring planned revenue. Our long experience in hotel and catering sector in such European countries like Switzerland, Scotland, Ireland, France, Austria and Poland and continuous development allow us to tailor a proper action plan in terms of matching the right concept or assigning lacking innovation and meaning to the already existing places. All solutions and improvements are communicated directly and then collected and handed over in a paper form so that the employees of a given business could reach the valuable information.

Hotel concept includes the following services:

  • market research for new hotels,
  • business plan,
  • pre-opening,
  • search for a new concept anwering the needs of a local market or owner’s/investor’s idea,
  • reactivation of the existing concept – improvement of work processes,
  • design and equipping hotels,
  • offer preparation for a given concept,
  • brand care – functional graphics, hotel and hotel departments photography,
  • assistance in website design,
  • organization of various departments of a given business,
  • description and implementation of working procedures,
  • front and kitchen staff training for a given concept and quality system,
  • preparation of outdoor and indoor marketing,
  • assistance in staff recruitment.

We are more than happy to adjust it to your needs.