Hotel and restaurant audit

Thanks to constructive criticism you will eliminate your mistakes.

Audit carried out by professionalists from hotel and catering industry will pinpoint inaccuracies in the functioning of a given business. Once the audit is done it is easy to implememt a recovery plan that seeks to improve the functioning of a given business.

Our strengths:

  • international experience of qualified staff,
  • audit sheet is prepared based on the highest service standards,
  • audit of the services provided by the given business is based on more than 700 queries,
  • our intuition, creativity and detail-oriented minds allow us to notice the smallest inaccuracies.

Client benefits:

  • control and assessment of each department through meticulous analysis of the services provided and the given business itself,
  • process and work effectiveness control,
  • website and additional offer analysis,
  • staff analysis (skills: sale, language, soft, dress code),
  • precise information on a given business inaccuracies,
  • detailed report including conclusions and photos,
  • proposal of innovation implementation based on complex cooperation.