Krzysztof Matuszkiewicz

A great enthusiast of cooking, a professional cook, and recently also a restaurateur. He started his adventure with the kitchen 16 years ago. Traveling around South America, he explored the secrets of proper beef making. Processing such a superb red meat became his passion and specialty. He cooperated with the best Chefs in Poland, he was also a participant of the TOP CHEF Polska program. Winner of many culinary competitions and Polish Championships. A taste creator who has specialized in fine dinning for years. He decided to return to the roots and became a craftsman, and his specialty is currently pastrami, which is created from scratch in the Plastrami restaurant. The kitchen run by him is based only on fresh, local products. Regardless of the projects created, a constant group of lovers of his unique sense of taste follows him. He shaped his character by standing on the ring and achieving high scores in various kickboxing disciplines. Tradition combined with a hint of madness means that the flavors created by him remain forever in the hearts of guests visiting Krzysztof’s culinary projects.

Inni Chefowie do wynajęcia

Theodor Falser

He has been working with passion in gastronomy for 28 years. Awarded with 1 Michelin star in the Johannesstube Restaurant at the Engel Hotel in Trentino, Italy. His philosophy is “Taste Nature”, which means everything is 100% natural, local and seasonal. Every day he uses the old techniques – brine, fermentation, burying in the ground, […]


Olivier Mik

Chef, branch creator on European markets, motivator, TV star. He develops food concepts on daily basis, participates in TV shows, runs a Cooking School, improves the quality of food products both for big corporations and small artisans. He develops menus and most importanly loves cooking. As he says, he developed an interest in cooking from […]


Anna Strażyńska

Anna Strażyńska has gained years of experience by inventing illustrious dishes for film, TV and stage stars. The artists loved her culinary skills, and therefore encouraged her to open her own restaurant, which they  now visit on a regular basis. Chef Anna Strażyńska cooks in Tawerna Kapitańska in Oława near Wrocław. Anna incorporates the best […]


Mateusz Janas

A Sushi Master with a passion for almost 10 years. During this time he gained experience in many of the Japanese restaurants in Wroclaw. He worked for smaller brands such as Naka-Naka or Mahi-Mahi, which gained their regular customers in nearby communities, and in more familiar national concepts such as 77-sushi or Sakana, where people […]